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2.12-Carat AIGS-Certified Pinkish Red Star Ruby from Mokok (Natural & Unheated).

3 58 Carat Star RubySpinels, Sapphires, Star Sapphires, etc and rubies from any other country except from Mokok-origin. 2.12-carat aigs-certified pinkish red star ruby from mokok (natural & unheated) the certificate clearly mentions the carat weight, measurements, etc along with the confirmation that the gemstone is unheated / untreated.

Gold Magic 10M Spiral Gold Panning Wheel Machine Prospecting Recovery.

Gold magic concentrating gold oregold magic 10m spiral gold panning wheel machine prospecting recovery. Also check the area to the right, left and below the entry of the culvert. All components are designed for rugged outdoor use. Recovering Gem Stones Using your Gold Magic Spiral recovery system, you can recover your heavier gem stones (sapphires, […]

Cowboy Casino Interactive Poker Cd-rom Learn The Game Of Poker With Card Sharks.

Introduction to Dictionary SkillsIntelliPlay-Learn the game of poker with live wisecracking card sharks. Cowboy casino interactive poker cd-rom learn the game of poker with card sharks cd-rom drive with minimum 150k per second transfer rate, sound card, mouse, hard drive with 5 mb free disk space, dos 5.0 or higher and windows 3.1.

Antique 16s Hamilton 954 hi grade 17j pocket watch. 1913. Nice gold filled case.

New Life to an old watch case Hand Engraving by Shaun Hughes Antique 16s hamilton 954 hi grade 17j pocket watch. 1913. nice gold filled case dial the original double sunk dial is in excellent condition. The seller is tuff_tuff01 and is located in Mount Enterprise, Texas. It is in very good condition, but has […]


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